When we walk in the world we are surrounded by energy. My effort here is to use paint and the skills of an artist to elicit recognition and understanding of the experience of being alive in the world; to use paint, ink, crayon and two -dimensional space to pay tribute to the energy in which we are immersed.


That sounds very dramatic and yet I know that we are all one in the basic enjoyment of our senses as we live our lives. Sometimes we get torn away from this enjoyment and the sense of wonder that it engenders. We are too busy to look. We are too worried to feel. I hope these paintings provoke us to use all our senses and to allow our emotional liveliness to respond.


This work is basically abstract. The composition is not to show a vista or make a likeness but to establish a framework to organize and demonstrate the energy, the rhythm, of specific but common visual delights. My Images gain force as they are viewed from a distance. I hope they come alive for you and that you carry them with you in your heart.


I have deep roots in the Midwest, having grown up in Ohio. I was Educated at Duke University. I claim Vernon Pratt as my teacher and am grateful to him. My teacher here in California is Donna Westerman, a consummate artist and inspiring friend. My siblings and my children all live back east and I am very close to them even though I live in California. My home in Laguna Beach is a haven for thought and exploration and good friends and contemplative work.

Thank you for your interest in my work.